The original wins out – Düsseldorf District Court confirms patent infringement by Satisfyer Pro 2

Berlin, 23 February 2018 – Novoluto GmbH (c/o Womanizer) wins the first-instance case against EIS GmbH before Düsseldorf District Court per the judgement dated 14 December 2017 and defends its portfolio of patents against Satisfyer Pro 2. EIS GmbH has filed an appeal.

On 14 December 2017, Düsseldorf District Court confirmed Womanizer’s suit against EIS GmbH in a court judgement. Womanizer thus once again successfully asserted its rights and took action against infringements of its rights by market participants.

Injunctive relief

The main component of the judgement is confirmation of the injunction asserted by Womanizer against EIS GmbH. EIS GmbH must now cease and desist from offering the Satisfyer Pro 2 in the Federal Republic of Germany, marketing or importing it, or possessing it for the above-mentioned purposes.

Claims for damages

The court also confirmed the claims Womanizer asserted for damages arising from patent infringements. As a result, EIS GmbH must compensate Womanizer for all damages incurred due to actions it has committed since 18 February 2016, and all damages which will be incurred in future. On this basis, Womanizer is currently preparing corresponding suits to claim millions in damages from EIS GmbH, and also reserves the right to take similar action against retailers who sold the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Destruction of products

EIS GmbH is also obliged to recall the Satisfyer Pro 2 from all distribution channels and to destroy any devices still in the possession of EIS GmbH.

Johannes von Plettenberg, Managing Director of Womanizer, is more than satisfied with the judgement and looks forward to 2018 with optimism:

“This proves the strength of our patents once again.

In future, we will continue to take decisive action against EIS GmbH and other imitators of our technology.

Womanizer takes the judgement against EIS GmbH very seriously and will now initiate appropriate measures as a consequence. For instance, besides EIS GmbH, we will also file suit for damages against distributors, retailers and other market participants who are selling or have sold the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The confirmation by the District Court is a satisfactory end to a great year for Womanizer. I am looking forward to 2018 all the more. I promise that a lot will be happening at Womanizer and that our customers can look forward to new products.”

About Womanizer

Womanizer Group Management GmbH is a global company with branches in Berlin, San Francisco and Hong Kong, specialising in the development of premium products for lovemaking. The company was founded by Michael Lenke when the Pleasure Air Technologie® was invented in 2013, and the products are now sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company’s stated goal is to improve its customers’ relationships and sex lives and close the “orgasm gap”.