The Womanizer “Premium”: The world’s first clitoral stimulator that only starts once in contact with the skin

8th August, 2018 – The brand Womanizer, known for revolutionizing an entire market with the Pleasure Air™ Technology, once again demonstrates its innovative strength. The Premium convinces with its new and ground-breaking functions “Smart Silence” and “Autopilot”.

Smart Silence

What are the top 3 purchase criteria when it comes to electronic love toys? It should be discrete and thus quiet. Besides the obvious reasons for low volume, such as flatmates or children who may be in the next room, it is above all also about the moment of orgasm. A woman would like to enjoy this moment in complete silence or perhaps also while listening to the current favourite song.

The problem? To ensure this, the product must be switched off during the climax – until now…

The Smart Silence function of the Premium ensures that the product only starts the stimulation when it is in contact with the skin. If the Premium is not in contact with the skin, but turned on, it is in stand-by mode. This is not only convenient for pleasurable hours alone, but also pleasant during love play with a partner. The product can be put on or taken off at any time without having to use buttons or being disturbed by noise.


What the autopilot feels like? The experience is comparable with the feeling of weightlessness. A woman surrenders, gives up control, the body floats up and down, sometimes with her eyes open, sometimes with her eyes closed – resulting in moments of complete light-heartedness and freedom.

The innovative function takes the lead and changes the stimulation in a harmonious way again and again and thus surprises the user. In this way, the orgasm is slowly built up and feels more intense without any intervention or use of the user interface.

At the beginning, the user has to only choose the desired mode (soft, medium or intense). Additionally, the Premium has a particularly gentle first stage and a particularly intensive twelfth stage. This allows an individual and ideal stimulation for every woman.

Ergonomic Design

The Premium offers a new level of comfort due to its to its ergonomic design. It lies perfectly in the hand and the shape allows the user to hold the product just like a pen while placing the hand relaxed on the inside of the thighs. The shape is also particularly suitable for a joint experience with a partner.

Product Details

  • Medical, super soft silicon 
  • Water-proof – IPX7 
  • 12 intensity levels 
  • 2 different sized silicon heads 
  • Charging via magnet points 
  • Price: £169.99 
  • Colours: black/gold, white/chrome, red/gold

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The Technology

The revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology was the first technology to enable the stimulation of the sensitive clitoral nerve endings with the help of particularly gentle sucking and massaging air vibrations, so that women can reach an orgasm in a very short time and often several times. And the feeling? An unprecedented one.

About Womanizer

The Womanizer Group is a globally active company with locations in Berlin, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Ottawa, specialising in the development of high-quality products for love life. Founded by Michael Lenke in 2013 with the invention of Pleasure Air™ Technology, the products are now sold in over 60 countries worldwide. The company has set itself the goal of improving the relationships and sex life of its customers and closing the “Orgasm Gap”. Womanizer is, like We-Vibe, a brand of the WOW Tech Group.

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