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Pride is different in every community and it’s a movement powered by local leaders.  

Earlier this year, we launched the WOW Tech Pride Fund, an initiative aiming to make a positive impact in LGBTQ+ communities across Canada and the United States by providing funding to local pleasure product retailers. Retailers were encouraged to apply to fund projects, such as fundraising campaigns, hosting an event, or activating a creative idea that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.

We received a range of inspiring submissions, and we want thank all applicants for sharing their thoughtful proposals.

Congratulations to the retailers who received funding for their projects, including:

  • Good for Her (Toronto, Ontario)
  • WinkWink (Bellingham, Washington)
  • Eclectica (Moscow, Idaho)
  • The Pretty Pussycat (Bend, Oregon)
  • Sexxy Kitty (Lethbridge, Alberta)
  • Come As You Are (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Museum of Sex (New York City)
  • Smitten (Brandon, Manitoba)
  • Wild at Heart (Seattle, Washington)
  • Babeland (New York City)
  • The Feltt (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Hoelistic (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Venus Envy Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • Awakening Boutique (Denver, Colorado)

Evaluation Timeline & Funding Distribution

Eligible applications will be reviewed by the WOW Tech Pride Fund Evaluation Committee, and funding will be distributed by May 2022. Recipients will be informed by email if their proposal is successful. Funding will be distributed by wire transfer to indirect partners, or as an account credit (if the retailer is a direct partners of WOW Tech Group). As part of the Terms and Conditions, recipients are expected to report the progress of their campaign and to provide itemized transactional receipt(s) to show how funding was spent.  

We’re looking forward to learning more about your pride community and your commitment to support LGBTQ+ movements. Should you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pride campaign or project?

The Pride Fund is available to eligible applicants who are seeking financial support to activate their proposed campaign. The WOW Tech Pride Fund is open to creative proposals that uplift your local LGBTQ+ community.  

Examples of pride campaigns or projects may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Fundraising events or activities
    • Trivia game
    • Live entertainment performances 
    • Organized sport (i.e. 5 KM run or softball game)  
  • Awareness events or programming
    • Panel discussion
    • Keynote address  
    • Community gathering with themed programming (I.e. arts or music)  
  • Participation in local pride events  
    • Pride float in the local parade  
    • Booth or tent at a pride event  

Evaluation Committee

Sarah Tomchesson (she/her)
Pleasure Brand Consultant
Damiana Consulting

Sarah Tomchesson (she/her) has spent much of her career in operations with pleasure product retailers.  Since 2007, she has developed, programmed and presented comprehensive, pleasure-based sex education nationwide, run a national pleasure education program and produced a number of lifestyle events, including LGBTQ+ community & Pride-focused events.  Sarah is the founder of Damiana Consulting that collaborates with pleasure brands to develop and produce video content and events for a variety of platforms.

Adam Maurer (he/him & she/her)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor
Moontower Counseling

Adam is a straight friendly therapist from Austin, TX. She is a defender of pleasure and a slayer of shame. He founded Moontower Counseling in 2013 to support the mental health of LGBTQIA+ folx, as well as the sex positive community. To learn more about Adam follow her Instagram: @moontower_counseling.

John Marinello (he/him)
Senior Territory Manager & pjur Team Lead
WOW Tech Group

An industry veteran, John Marinello joined WOW Tech Group in 2019, bringing his expertise of pjur products. As the pjur Team Lead, John is responsible for driving awareness, education, and building growth in the Americas region. John joined the Evaluation Committee because of his passion for supporting grassroots initiatives that are committed to driving the LGBTQ+ community forward through collaboration and partnership.

Shanae ''HonestlyNae'' Adams (she/they)
Sexuality Professional

Shanae ''HonestlyNae'' Adams, MA, LPCC, NCC, CIGT (pronouns she/they) serves her community in a variety of ways including therapist, educator, and sex-positive enthusiast. Her mission is sexuality normalization, explanation, and melanated representation. Her passion revolves around the liberation of embracing sexuality. She is known for her dynamic workshops, sex-positive mindset, and eliminating the ''taboo'' surrounding sex and sexuality. Learn more about Shanae at and follow her on Instagram @HonestlyNae.